Latest from Brent land - lots of juveniles and forthcoming population census 
With this fine weather the Brent mustn't know what is going on. The youngsters, seeing Ireland for the first time, better not get used to prolonged sunny and warm autumn high pressure periods like this. It isn't often over 20 degrees in late September here that's for sure! 
We've had a few reports from Iceland and it's been apparent there too that its been a bumper breeding year in the 2019 Arctic breeding range - and that many of those chicks have made it out of Canada and Greenland. In the very best years of the last few decades we have estimated that in excess of 1/4 of the total count are comprised of juveniles which will give the population a massive injection of new blood. There are in excess of 10,000 Brent in Strangford at the moment and no doubt numbers are building across the island day by day. 
We will be conducting censuses of the population in western Iceland, western Britain, northern France and throughout Ireland in mid-October as usual so we'd encourage you to keep an eye out for arriving birds and please in mid-month count the flock(s), determine the proportion of adults and young on as large a sample as possible and, if possible, identify how many young are in each brood (normally 2 adults + between 1 and 6 young). Informaion please to me: 
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